The result of the ‘AI Creative Challenge’ is announced!

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Jose Luis Perez Hermo

We are happy to announce the winner of the AI Creative Challenge!

PAACADEMY‘s first AI Creative Challenge aimed to leverage the capabilities of AI tools to rapidly generate, visualize, and create engaging architectural designs. With a focus on the critical role of human imagination and input, this challenge sought to explore and unlock innovative possibilities in architectural design through collaboration between humans and AI.

The jury, Joshua Vermillion, Ida Saani Rasouli, and Tim Fu, evaluated submissions based on innovation, originality, AI tools usage, aesthetic appeal, visual impact, concept development, sustainability, and collaboration. Following the complete evaluation of all the submissions, the Digital Members started the voting process, analyzing each work to arrive at a final decision. Winning designs embodied creativity, technical skill, and a deep understanding of AI’s role in architectural design.


Architecture: Underwater Archaeology Museum on the coastline
Interior Design: Spaceship Hybrid Living Quarters
Fashion: Cyborg Fashion in the year 2100

Here are the winners and honorable mentions. Congratulations to all the participants!


Architecture: Underwater Archaeology Museum on the coastline – Winner: Halil Ibrahim Kaya

Create an architectural underwater archeology museum located on the coastline. Midcentury style super modern organic shapes form one part of the museum on the coast other part is under the sea. Add a long circular ramp for the exhibition area, glass barriers, sustainable materials super realistic 4k render

Interior Design: Spaceship Hybrid Living Quarters – Winner: Samaher Abouauf

A highly realistic undulating tall interior Spaceship Hybrid Living Quarters architectural digest in galaxy space ignorant beautiful, innovative style with aeon flux interior design architecture, wood and aluminum black white and brown interior Spaceship Hybrid Living Quarters, cinematic lighting, a sense of awe, ethereal atmosphere

Fashion: Cyborg Fashion in the year 2100 – Winner: Andre Berehovy

lightweight female robotic-looking exoskeleton outfit in light pink in the 22 century walking a robotic dog in Hyde park, Sydney Australia

Honorable Mentions

Architecture: Underwater Archaeology Museum on the coastline

Alex Martinez
award-winning archaeology museum on the coastline, modern lights, sea shell exterior, modern interior, sustainable museum designed by Zaha Hadid —s 250
José Luis Pérez Hermo
Drone picture view of an Underwater Archaeology Museum with algae structures and pathways of seashells, flowing biophilia with vortexes building, showing submerged archaeological ruins, high tide shot shows the building, coastal environment

Nick Lesko
underwater view architectural exterior of oceanic museum full of archaeological alien artifacts on arctic coastline. patrons swimming in scuba gear. architecturally parametric computational design speculative explorative somber curious aesthetic
Samaher Abouauf
A Circle beautifully futuristic inspired Underwater Archaeology Museum on the coastline with spatial interiors for the ability to significantly emphasize on different underwater treasure and how it aligns with the evolving challenges posed by the coastline
Sarah Ismail
Tunnel tube will be a popular attraction as a museum of archaeology for Romania history in the style of intricate underwater worlds, spatial concept art, ethereal figures, uhd image, monolithic structures, transcendent, sunlight rays array.

Interior Design: Spaceship Hybrid Living Quarters

Andre Berehova
interior view Spaceship Hybrid Living Quarters with view of Saturn from circular window and people styled in blu and red star trek uniforms
Felix Heidgen
Interior photo of a spaceship’s small living quarters designed by Zaha Hadid, high-tech, ultra-modern, minimalist, functional, one pods, mounted seating, walls filled with cubbies, dials, display screens, task-lighting, small spot lights, 2010 space odyssey, blue, purple, –ar 16:9

José Luis Pérez Hermo
Panoramic shots of spaceship living quarters, high-tech and sci-fi touches, streamlined articulations of open spaces, and subtle touches of colors pop up among the vast spaceship.
Julia Häusser
award-winning photography, minimalistic 5-story spaceship interior with interconnecting stairs, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, verner panton, pastel colors, cushiony, Elegant soft textile inflatable bunkbeds and lounge areas, kitchen, marble table
Yerwant megurditchian

Fashion: Cyborg Fashion in the Year 2100

Carlos Ríos Toto
Art photography of full body view of a group of eagle coral Cyborgs dressed in futuristic clothing made of intricate fabrics that are both loose and form fitting mixed with metals and plant tissue, diverse ethnicities, colorful futuristic fabrics, futuristic market, futuristic textiles, Denis Villeneuve, Anouk Wipprecht, Iris van Herpen, cinematic, cinematic lighting
Claudio Feldman
Cyborg Fashion in 2300 ,Octane Render

Eduarda Schwalm
Cyborg Fashion in year 2100, Phil Oh, black, white, red, clothing, futurism, all body model, new york fashion week –ar 1:2
Kajetan Szostok
Taylor Watson
Afrofuturistic cyborg in the year 3100, utopian leather tech aesthetic:: a full body view of a female cyborg draped in avant-garde red and black designer clothes, vibrant, colorful headpiece with a mars design:: walking down a fashion runway.

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