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The Catenary and the Arc Installation

The Catenary and the Arc Installation by Manuel Bouzas and Santiago del Aguila in Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

The catenary and the arc by Manuel Bouzas and Santiago del Aguila is a temporary installation occupying the courtyard of Flores & Prats‘ Casal Balaguer Cultural Center in Palma de Mallorca.

Displayed during insòlit 2019, a festival of temporary installations that opened the doors of palma’s courtyards to creativity during the first week of july, the project draws from the architecture of the building, confronting two opposing geomtries: the arc and the catenary.

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Seduced by the beauty of the stone arches in the patio of casal balaguer, an aristocratic house dating back to the 14th century, manuel bouzas & santiago del aguila have created a temporary installation that reflects their form with a reverse geometry. The large catenaries are built using light steel meshes and covered with acetate, projecting a warm light in the interior of the courtyard.

‘We want to confront two opposite geometries: the arc and the catenary,’ explain the architects, ‘one fights against gravity while the other one works with it; one requires mass while the other achieves lightness; one is compressed while the other stretches; one is opaque while the other lets light pass through it; one provides shade while the other projects its color; one grows from the ground while the other falls from the sky; one was already there while the other not yet.’

The catenary and the arc was presented during insòlit 2019, a festival of temporary installations curated by aina bigorra, Erik Herrera and Pep Rovira. The festival aims to promote and show in an active and participative way the heritage value of the balearic islands, through temporary creative actions.

Architects : Manuel Bouzas, Santiago del Aguila
Location : Carrer de la Unió, 3, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Collaborators : Clara Alvarez García and Alexander Zikanov
Area : 200.0 m2
Project Year : 2019
Photographs : Antonio Bouzas Barcala
Manufacturers : Leroy Merlín, Maxi products

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