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1/2 Coffee & Bar, A Reflective And Neat Design By CUN PANDA NANA

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1/2 Coffee & Bar

1/2 Coffee & Bar, an innovative design was gained to the Dadeji Bathing Beach in 2018. The designers, Xuanna Cai and Jiacheng Lin of CUN PANDA NANA mainly form the basic tree theme into a couple of identical spatial subdivisions. A coffee & bar concept was applied. It’s a place for coffee and alcohol lovers to gather and spend time.

The Dadeji Bathing Beach is a small, tropical island and a popular tourist destination located on the southeast coast of Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, China. The design of the coffee & bar is a reflection of the surrounding natural treasures that the client for the project development also highlighted.

Details Of The Design

The tree branches extend from the bottom to the top in a repeating order and touch the ceiling at the top. The entry to the coffee & bar so greatly varies by large-scale, glass transitional doors. So the pellucidity provides a dazzling look to the natural outer space from the inside. The spatial subdivisions of the identical tree theme include a central pentagonal aesthetic element like a veranda, a bar, and comfortable seats.

The white color-dominated design constitutes a very light interior atmosphere. Also, the lighting enhances the enlightening effect of the interior space. At night, neon colors dominate the interior space. Thus a very different night look and atmosphere inside is profound.


So harmonized with its environment, the coffee & bar and its design inspire and attract observatory commentaries. ‘A marine garden’, ‘a living museum of world architecture, and a city of world heritage’ are among the expressions. Accordingly, the 1/2 Coffee & Bar project officials intend and expect it to be a landmark and highly visited place in Guangyu Island. Also, they plan to launch branches in other locations of Xiamen and the surrounding islands.

The project is a purely and beautifully developed design for a tropical environment. It is very delightful to see neutral details like the solely white color and great pellucid entrances. Such features provide both an isolated and visually appealing indoor experience.


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