June 7, 2022

1-2 Coffee And Bar_CUN PANDA NANA_ (2)

1/2 Coffee & Bar, A Reflective And Neat Design By CUN PANDA NANA

1/2 Coffee & Bar, an innovative design was gained to the Dadeji Bathing Beach in 2018. The designers, Xuanna Cai and Jiacheng Lin of CUN PANDA NANA mainly form the basic tree theme into a couple of identical spatial subdivisions. A coffee & bar concept was applied. It’s a place for coffee and alcohol lovers to gather and spend time.

Mežaparks Open-Air Stage

Splendid Mežaparks Open-Air Stage Gets Renovated By Mailitis Architects

Splendid Mežaparks Open-Air Stage is Latvia’s 56 years old venue for national choral events and festivals. The venue’s location is Mežaparks, Riga in Latvia. J. Pogas Birojs of Mailitis Architects renovated its unique design in 2007 – 2022. Primarily, the renovation strategy weighed on the capacity, acoustics, and safety enhancement.

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