London rejects the proposal to build a Las Vegas-style “Sphere”

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According to a report London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has rejected the proposal to build a Las Vegas-style “Sphere” entertainment venue on the edge of the Olympic Park.

Sphere, a music and entertainment arena in Las Vegas, is the world’s largest spherical building at 81,300 sqm.

The main reason for rejection is the amount of light pollution it would cause for Stratford residents.

“While we are disappointed in London’s decision, there are many forward-thinking cities that are eager to bring this technology to their communities,” a Sphere spokesperson said.

The Sphere, Nevada, US © MSG

A spokesperson for the mayor said: “London is open to investment from around the world, and Sadiq wants to see more world-class, ambitious, innovative entertainment venues in our city.” and added, “But as part of looking at the planning application for the MSG Sphere, the mayor has seen independent evidence that shows the current proposals would result in an unacceptable negative impact on local residents.”

Stop MSG Sphere London platform stated to The Express, “We are delighted Sadiq Khan has listened to everyone who opposed this development, something MSG Sphere never did. We urge them to accept this decision. Local residents have endured nearly six years of stress and uncertainty over the possibility that this deeply damaging development would be built right next to their homes; they now need to be left in peace to get on with their lives.” and added,

“We would like to thank all the local residents who campaigned tirelessly to stop it. The decision today is a testament to the power of local residents and of grassroots campaigning and to the value that can come from local politicians supporting them. We are proof that David can win over Goliath.”

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