Motion in the Shell by Melike Altinisik Architects

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Motion in the Shell

Melike Altinisik Architects showcased the Motion in the Shell installation at the 4th International Architectural Biennale in Antalya in 2017 and at the Design Week Turkey 2017. The installation, which is the end result of integrating traditional construction traditions in nature with modern and digital fabrication technologies, is inspired by the unique Mediterranean geographical location. The two main shells produced are designed as tools that create different areas of experience within the nature, using different materials and different fabrication techniques.

Watch PA Talks 20, our interview with Melike Altinisik.

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Motion in the Shell

While the ‘shell’ represents a static concept for its own existence, the thing that provides the ‘Motion’ which makes it persistent, namely ‘continuity’, begins with human. In this sense, the person encounters with the shell, explores the shell, and then begins to experience the shell. The person who is in the center of the installation goes on his quest for ‘continuity’ through this individual experience.

The installation is nourished by the search for continuity of the ‘memories’ moving into the future, while creating ‘moments’ that produce experience. Experience starts in the shell, motion makes it persistence.

Motion in the Shell

About Melike Altinisik:

Melike Altınışık is an award-winning architect, designer and educator, who is dedicated to develop an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism and design. Her work aims to develop the relational thinking capacities of the architecture in its relation with design technologies.

Since 2006, she has developed her wide range of international professional architectural experience by working on significant projects of varying scales from high-rise buildings, masterplans cultural centres and museums to bespoke furniture designs. Her design work received a number of prestigious design awards including Europe 40 under 40, FEIDAD Design Award 07′ and Swiss Art Award.

She participated in various national, international and invited architectural competitions, exhibitions and publications. Her work includes prize-winning projects such as Istanbul TV and Radio Tower (Istanbul, Turkey Underconstruction) and Robot Science Museum (Seoul, South Korea). Prior to forming her practice in Istanbul, she has worked in London as a Lead Architect with Zaha Hadid Architects (2006- 2013).

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