August 17, 2018

PA Interviews: Kourosh Hajizadeh

The featured Architect Kourosh Hajizadeh of Hajizadeh and Associates is the winner of the prize for Architect of the Year, at the Middle East Architect Awards 2013.

PA Interviews: Reza Daneshmir

The featured Architect Reza Daneshmir of Fluid Motion Architects is an academician, writer, and a speaker for various talks. Born in 1965, Daneshmir actively pursued


Involution by Larry Martin studio

INVOLUTION Installation by Larry Martin Studio Savannah Georgia The Larry Martin studio took a long hard look at the conventional column design and decided to

HygroScope: Meteorosensitive Morphology by Achim Menges and Steffen Reichert

Designed by architect Achim Menges in collaboration with Steffen Reichert, “HygroScope: Meteorosensitive Morphology” appears at first glance to be a wooden model suspended within a glass case. But when the humidity level within the case rises, the system begins to breathe, ventilating the moisture-saturated air without any sensory equipment or electricity.

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