PA Interviews: Kourosh Hajizadeh

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The featured Architect Kourosh Hajizadeh of Hajizadeh and Associates is the winner of the prize for Architect of the Year, at the Middle East Architect Awards 2013.

Born on June 30th, 1975 in Tehran, Hajizadeh started his education in architecture in 1993 at the Islamic Azad University of Tabriz. Taking inspiration from the rich culture and civilization of Iran, he published a book called “Dooman” which was about the lost culture and historical values of Tabriz in the form of sketches and verses. He has collaborated with famous architects like Bahram Shirdel, Seyyed Hadi Mirmiran, etc, and later founded his own practice. He participated in various competitions, and the result was winning various titles in more than 30 architectural competitions. The ‘Architect Magazine’ selected him as one of the ’50 Most Influential People’ in the architecture of the Middle East along with several awards. Currently, Kourosh is studying Ph.D. in ‘Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Campus’, Tehran. He has also been teaching for 14 years at Tehran University and the University of Science and Technology. 

PA Interviews Kourosh Hajizadeh in a candid conversation on his architectural works and the design process for them. Hajizadeh also talks about his aim to localize architecture by connecting it with people and the city by the language of world contemporary art.


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