Kuwait International Airport developed based on the country’s traditional sailing boats and solid stone

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Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait International Airport, which Foster + Partners has designed, features a unique trefoil plan that consists of three symmetrical wings of departure gates. Each façade is 1.2 kilometers long and stretches from a stunning central space that is 25 meters high.

With an area of approximately 750,000 square meters, the terminal is designed to be highly legible at a human scale, and for simplicity and ease of use, there are few level changes. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

A single roof canopy has been designed for the building to aid orientation. This canopy has glazed openings that help filter daylight while also deflecting direct solar radiation. Additionally, the canopy extends to cover a spacious entrance plaza. The canopy is supported by tapering concrete columns, which have organic and fluid forms inspired by the contrast between the solidity of the stone and the shape and movement of Kuwait’s traditional dhow sailing boats.

Limak Construction and Foster + Partners are collaborating on the project’s construction and engineering. The main structure of Kuwait International Airport comprises of 90 precast concrete columns joined by post-tensioned precast arches. These columns are supported by 39,800 composites made of a combination of steel and concrete, forming the inner roof. The building features a galvanized roofing and glass frontispiece, which makes it weather-resistant.

Foster + Partners has won several competitions to design airports in the Arabian Peninsula. One of these is the new terminal for Abha Airport located in the Asir Region. Another achievement is winning the competition to design the masterplan for King Salman International Airport.

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