Conrhenny Shelter gives a message of “working together for a sustainable future”

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The Conrhenny Shelter was designed by architects Betty Laurincova and Michal Kotvan. The shelter was created as a way to celebrate arts and culture as essential components of our well-being and sense of place within the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

The invitation to design the shelter was extended in 2019, with a message of “working together for a sustainable future” – a core value of the Biosphere.

Image © Betty Laurincová

Betty Laurincova, said: “The environment was in focus during the design and construction phase. We used locally and sustainably sourced timber cut to exact measurements by DEFA’s St. Johns Sawmill, and ground screws to preserve the existing terrain as much as possible. Pioneer Carpentry and Construction did an outstanding job putting together the puzzle pieces of this unique structure.”

Hon Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: “As a UNESCO Biosphere, we strive to connect people with nature. The shelter will encourage people to spend time in the peaceful setting of the community woodland, increasing their appreciation of their surroundings and providing space for relaxation, well-being, and creativity.”

Conrhenny Shelter
Image © Betty Laurincová

Marlene Maska MLC, Chair of IOM Arts Council and Vice-Chair of Culture Vannin said: “Architectural installations in the landscape create a strong sense of place and identity, enhance the uniqueness and character of the area and encourage people to view our land and sea-scapes in new ways – this is an exciting opportunity to create something for future generations.”

The Conrhenny Shelter was developed as part of the National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts, with Culture Vannin, Isle of Man Arts Council, and the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture collaborating.

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