Undulating roofs and vibrant hues of Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff

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blue hills
© CreatAR Images

The Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff are designed by Chinese studio Wutopia Lab to transform the industrial yard Eka Park into a mixed-used cultural space, under the transformation initiative project to transform the former campus of the Shanghai Marine Instrument General Factory in Pudong Street into a creative industry park. The Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff project includes a multi-purpose square including an existing brick chimney that was repurposed into a skylit cigar lounge and two pavilions distinguished by wave-shaped roofs, one made of blue aluminum and one with semi-transparent fabric with a red concrete background that the architect covered the entire site’s ground. The project aims to activate the area, representing the oscillating world it stands for, through a series of spaces that bring significant symbolic and emotional meaning.

The architects of the Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff used historical allusions and symbolism to craft a nuanced expression of form and function, drawing from diverse sources such as ancient literature and historical anecdotes. The chief architect of Wutopia Lab, Ting Yu, said, “I conceived the plot through symbols, metaphors, mythology, charms, history, and spontaneous ideas. The knowledge I gained in selecting structures, materials, site analysis, and historical typologies served as a secondary framework between the plot and the design.”

blue hills
© CreatAR Images

Klein Blue Hills, located on the north side, has an aluminum exterior with a vibrant shade of blue tone inspired by the signature color of French artist Yves Klein. The fish-skin pattern adapts to undulations, and a fully glazed wall on the front with a wave-like pattern overlooks the red-colored square onto which it opens through golden doors. The inner part of the building is revealed, with its steel framework left uncovered and painted in white color.

On the opposite side, next to the repurposed brick chimney, the smaller building, the White Cliff building, stands over a circular pool of water. Surrounded by translucent PVC plastic, this gabled structure has a tent-like appearance and is planned to be used as a whiskey bar. The interior of this building is also finished with a simple, white interior contrasted by a bold, tiger-print floor and a gold metal-framed glass door.

blue hills
© CreatAR Images

The design journey of the Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff, grounded in a profound comprehension of context and storytelling, evolves with a clear intention and moderation. From the flowing roof designs influenced by the nomadic tents to the simple interiors immersed in white, each element showcases a deliberate contemplation of both form and utility.

The design, directly inspired by life, expresses the unpredictability of life with a white interior covered in both pavilions; the golden door represents beautiful memories in life, while the orange circular window symbolizes the blessings life offers us.

Project Info

Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff

Year: 2023
Location: Pudong, Shanghai, China
Architects: Wutopia Lab
Lead Architect: YU Ting
Project Manager: MU Zhilin
Design Team: DAI Ruoyu, MI Kejie
Photographs: CreatAR Images

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