Hive3D Builders developed a strong and carbon-neutral cement alternative

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Hive3D Builders

Hive3D Builders has created a stronger, carbon-neutral alternative to traditional cement. Hive3D is a home building company that uses advanced 3D construction printing technology to create unique and innovative homes while saving costs. Their specialty lies in designing and building homes using printed concrete, expanding the possibilities of residential construction.

The printing material, which replaces the mortar normally used in 3D concrete printing, has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from construction by 93%. This substance makes additive manufacturing, which is already environmentally friendly, even more sustainable, and is poised to revolutionize global construction.

Hive3D Builders collaborated with Eco Materials and Green Cement to create a low-cost geopolymer cement replacement that emits up to 93% less CO2. Because of the environmentally friendly properties of geopolymer, the substitute for the mortar that 3D concrete printing traditionally uses is nearly carbon-neutral.

Geopolymers, which have gained popularity as sustainable building materials, use less energy and emit less CO2 than traditional cement. They can also use industrial waste materials like fly ash, slag, and mining tailings, reducing demand for natural resources while also providing a waste disposal solution.

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