Crafting Character: The Architectural Practice of Chybik + Kristof

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Crafting Character

“Crafting Character: The Architectural Practice of Chybik + Kristof” highlights the importance of a relational culture and the practice of Chybik + Kristof in working with the common bonds within a space, rather than focusing on individual arguments and divisions.

Chybik + Kristof‘s first-ever publication introduces the concepts and methodologies behind their emerging architectural practice. The Czech studio’s projects are showcased in an unconventional format, where they are presented as personified characters with their own stories to tell. This unique publication is a result of collaboration between Chybik + Kristof, Lukas Kijonk and ExLovers studio, and Frame Publishers. It is an experimental monograph with a striking yet simple, modest yet light-hearted design, featuring insightful commentary throughout by Adrian Madlener, and a foreword by Aaron Betsky. The publication is crafted as a collector’s object, with meticulous attention to detail and fine materials. It is geared toward readers who are interested in unique architectural methodologies in which context and human-centricity are the main focus.

The book consists of 14 cinematic vignettes that showcase various projects. Each project is portrayed as a character with its own unique history, dreams, secrets, and stories to tell. The vignettes illustrate how Chybik + Kristof prioritize teamwork and collaboration over individual disagreements and conflicts within a shared space. They emphasize the importance of working towards common goals and bonds in a space.

Crafting Character

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