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Shail Patel

In the year 2023, we met many individuals who were fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence and its integration into the world of design. Across the globe, a growing number of designers were working tirelessly to explore the possibilities of AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies in their search for more efficient, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

With their passion and creativity, they were paving the way for a future where AI and design would merge seamlessly to create new, exciting possibilities.

Here are a few well-known and emerging designers we spotlighted this year:

Jose Luis Perez Hermo

José Luis Pérez Hermo is an experienced Consultant and Trainer at BM Learning Hub. He specializes in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the BIM environment and has a Master’s degree in BIM Management from Universidad Nebrija. José Luis offers comprehensive training on AI and software such as Revit Architecture, Structure, MEP, Dynamo, and Grasshopper. He participated in the  Midjourney Architecture 3.0 and Midjourney Design and Taking Control: Midjourney x ControlNet workshop helping him push the boundaries regarding the visualization process. Since then, he has been experimenting with various AI tools, from conceptualization to the detailed execution stages.

Hera Kim

In the first half of 2023, we met Hera Kim. She is now a tutor at PAACADEMY. Hera Kim is a creative professional from Seoul, South Korea. She has a diverse educational background with degrees in both Chemical Engineering from Sogang University in Seoul, Korea, and Interior and Spatial Design from IED in Milan, Italy. Additionally, she has honed her skills as a florist and wedding specialist at McQueens Flower School in London, UK. Hera’s unique blend of expertise in engineering, design, and floral artistry, combined with her AI artistic talents, makes her a distinctive Creative Director who brings innovation and creativity to her projects.

Ricardo Orts (Ulises)

Ulises is a design studio based in Berlin, founded by architect Ricardo Orts. The studio crafts near-future architectures, poetic atmospheres, and refined art direction. With a focus on visualizing the spaces of the future, Ulises merges creative innovation and cutting-edge technology. Ulises Design Studio has conceptualized the project as a visual representation of communities that are marginalized by discriminatory policies and mindsets. ‘It’s a bold statement that art can drive positive change and open minds’. Using the newest iteration of the AI design tool Midjourney, the project conceptualizes with refined precision playful compositions of aesthetic coherence, seamlessly uniting the site’s historic fabric with the contemporary art installation.

Maria Dudkina


Maria Dudkina looks for something new in almost all her projects, mostly new combinations of forms and materials, and the fact that everything can be made friends with each other. In Pétale du Printemps, all the architecture is based on graceful curves and flowing lines, creating an elegant and refined protea flower shape. The walls and ceiling of the buildings are made of a slightly transparent inflatable material, allowing natural light to penetrate and giving the impression that guests are inside a blooming flower.

Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz


Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz is one of our tutors at PAACADEMY. He is an architect and senior 3D artist from Costa Rica and Chile. He graduated from Universidad de Costa Rica and has worked in the architecture and commercial retail design industry. Rolando has experience in various areas including architectural, point of sale, exhibit, and furniture design. He was part of the Gensler 3D Architectural Visualization crew and is the founder of Aurik Exhibits & Retail Design. His designs focus on creating spatial and sensory experiences that promote connections between people, their passions, and a prosperous future. Currently, he is dedicated to innovative content development for the Metaverse and Design Conceptualization with AI.

Aikin Karr

AbdulAlim U-K, a UK-based 24-year-old Nigerian architectural designer and entrepreneur, uses the pseudonym Aikin Karr to pay homage to his ethnic heritage. He redefines Sudano-Sahelian architectural design with cutting-edge technology, using artificial intelligence to explore contemporary and futuristic forms of traditional architecture. He calls this process Regional Tectonics, creating captivating designs for a global audience. AbdulAlim studied architecture and environmental design at the University of Westminster, has 2+ years of experience working in a design-build firm in Nigeria, co-founded an award-winning startup, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer science at Cardiff University with a focus on AI in the built environment and enterprise.

Ida Rasouli (Celeste Design Studio)


Ida Rasouli is an Iranian architect, designer, and researcher with a specialization in flexible design in architecture. She earned her master’s degree in architecture from one of Iran’s most renowned universities and she is the founder of Celeste Design Studio. She has experience working on multiple residential projects and has conducted research on developing strategies to tackle housing problems by creating flexible solutions that can adapt to people’s changing needs over time. Her interest in Persian architecture and residential design led her to utilize AI tools to create innovative architectural forms which gained widespread attention. Since then, she has been experimenting with different methods to incorporate AI tools into the design process and explore new ideas. Ida Rasouli is also one of the tutors at PAACADEMY.

Tim Fu


Tim Fu is a well-known architectural designer who specializes in the use of advanced computation and artificial intelligence (AI) in architectural design. He founded Studio Tim Fu, a high-tech architectural practice that pioneers the integration of AI into the visionary design, after working at Zaha Hadid Architects. Tim is an active educator and has conducted various workshops on advanced computation in design. He is also a strong advocate for the use and integration of AI in the architecture industry and has spoken on this topic at various universities and conferences worldwide. Furthermore, Tim has built a loyal following as a content creator by sharing his design and technological innovations on various platforms. You can access his workshops through PAACADEMY.

Joshua Vermillion


Joshua Vermillion is an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, UNLV. He has spent several years exploring, developing, and executing “Digital Craft.” His research, pedagogy, and practice are primarily focused on three categories: digital information as a medium (computational, parametric, and algorithmic design), digital information as material (digital fabrication tools and techniques), and digital information as a method (situated technologies, responsive systems, and robotics). Joshua has published and presented his peer-reviewed research and design work worldwide. Additionally, he continues to experiment with innovative design technologies such as AI diffusion models like MidJourney and Stable Diffusion.

Shail Patel


Shail Patel is an architect with over eight years of professional experience. He has worked in various countries such as India, China, and is currently based in the USA, which has given him diverse cultural and architectural experiences. Shail has worked for different companies such as FLXBL Design (India), Plasma Studio, Spectrum (Beijing), and UN Studio (Shanghai). He is an early adopter of AI in architecture and always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Shail has been exploring the cutting-edge applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various fields, including art, fashion, architecture, automobiles, and retail.

We can add more names to this list. We appreciate all the collaborations we had this year!

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