AI-Immersed Artistry

AI-Immersed Artistry – Studio Hera Kim

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AI-Immersed Artistry


“Art and Flowers: A Creative AI Adventure” – Nature’s Beauty Enhanced by Innovation

In the realm of creativity, a captivating fusion awaits, where the timeless allure of flowers harmonizes with the transformative prowess of artificial intelligence. Welcome to “Art and Flowers: A Creative AI Adventure,” a class that bridges tradition and innovation led by the versatile Hera Kim. As we navigate a world craving fresh, imaginative solutions across various settings, this workshop emerges as a beacon of inspiration, offering a seamless blend of nature’s elegance and the modern marvel of AI technology.

Our journey commences with exploring Hera Kim’s eclectic background, encompassing chemical engineering, interior design, and the artistry of floristry. What sets this class apart is the synergy between art and AI. Over two immersive days, participants will embark on a discovery voyage, mastering AI tools to craft mesmerizing floral-inspired artworks. Whether you consider yourself an artist, a tech enthusiast, or simply an explorer of creative possibilities, this workshop invites you to experience the marriage of nature and innovation. Join us as we delve into the heart of “Art and Flowers: A Creative AI Adventure,” celebrating the boundless potential of creativity in the AI era.

The Scope of the Workshop:

In the AI-Immersed Artistry workshop, we’ll craft distinctive installation art and interior designs inspired by the beauty of flowers and nature. We’ll delve into the art of crafting unique prompts using Midjourney, exploring functions like ‘stylize,’ ‘style raw,’ ‘chaos,’ and more to infuse your creations with a distinctive artistic flair, setting your work apart from the rest.


In the AI-Immersed Artistry workshop, participants will embark on a creative journey to discover the art of prompt stylization in Midjourney. We’ll delve into variations like ‘stylize,’ ‘style raw,’ ‘chaos,’ and more. What makes this workshop distinctive is our exploration of both Midjourney versions, v5.0 and v5.2, unveiling the nuances in their aesthetics. Participants will gain a practical understanding of when and how to strategically employ each version and variation, equipping them with valuable skills for creating captivating AI-generated art.

AI-Immersed Artistry


Session 1: Saturday, 25th November, 2023

  • About the instructor
  • Design Concept Inspiration
    – Korean traditional art (Dancheong, Obangsaek-Korean color scheme)
    – Korean traditional art in Luxury brands
  • How to use variations in Midjourney (stylize, chaos, style raw, weird, repeat, etc.)
  • Project themes and assignment

Session 2: Sunday, 26th November, 2023

  • Lecture about Installation art
    – Wedding art, Flower design, Wedding director
    – Retail design, Salone del Mobile (Milan design week)
  • Prompt engineering using “arm extension on ChatGPT.”
  • Project development
  • Assignment Review and Q&A


  • Midjourney
  • Chatgpt
  • Aiprm extension for Chatgpt
AI-Immersed Artistry
AI-Immersed Artistry

Important Notes:

  • The “AI-Immersed Artistry” Studio workshop by PAACADEMY will start on Saturday, 25th November, at 11:00 (GMT).
  • Total sessions: 2 Sessions
  • The teaching duration per session will be 4 hours.
  • Students will have time for a break between teaching hours.
  • Each session and the entire studio will be recorded, and videos will be available for participants just a day after the class for unlimited time.
  • PAACADEMY will provide a certificate of attendance.
  • The studio has limited seats. Tickets are non-transferable & non-refundable. Please read carefully before you register.


Hera Kim

AI-Immersed Artistry

Hera Kim is a versatile creative professional based in Seoul, South Korea. With a diverse educational background, she holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from Sogang University in Seoul, Korea, and Interior and Spatial Design from IED in Milan, Italy. Additionally, she honed her skills as a florist and wedding specialist at McQueens Flower School in London, UK. Hera’s unique blend of expertise in engineering, design, and floral artistry, combined with her AI artistic talents, makes her a distinctive Creative Director who brings innovation and creativity to her projects.

Hera is the name of a goddess in Greek and Roman mythology. Kim Hera, an artist, has been fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology since childhood due to her name. This fascination led her to develop a keen interest in Renaissance culture through reading books and visiting museums. Growing up with a mother who is a German florist meister, Kim learned about flowers from a young age and became familiar with various decorations and crafts. Her experience studying in Italy allowed her to observe how Renaissance genres changed over time and how they have influenced people and contemporary culture. Living in Milan, a hub of luxury brands, deepened her interest in retail design.

In Korea, Kim is a wedding director for upscale hotels and luxury venues, orchestrating unforgettable ceremonies. She also serves as a visual director and consultant for various industry brands. With a background in engineering, Kim has a persistent curiosity for science and technology. She’s now exploring the fusion of art and AI technology, seeking to harmonize these seemingly disparate fields. Kim Hera’s journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of blending diverse passions into a singular creative path.

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