3XN to design a new curved structure at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore

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The design proposal by 3XN has been selected for the 201 E Pratt St. project. The design aims to support the community-oriented vision for the revitalized harbor by incorporating spaces for hospitality and public programs that will focus on supporting local businesses, makers, and creatives. The building’s unique design was inspired by the dipping and swooping sails that dot the waters of Inner Harbor, resulting in a gently curved structure.

“It’s so exciting to be part of this project – one that is fundamentally about celebrating Baltimore and its people. MCB and the team’s vision for this project, and for the city of Baltimore, is one that deeply resonates with us at 3XN,” says Kim Herforth Nielsen, Founder and Creative Director at 3XN. “For most of my life, Copenhagen’s waterfront was a working harbor – a place of industry, not somewhere where people would hang out, relax, or enjoy their city. The transformation of the harbor into a place for people has transformed the whole city as well, not changing Copenhagen but helping to emphasize what was already special about it. We see this project in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor as a way to do the same thing – to give people a place to be together and to celebrate their city.”


“The roof will be a publicly accessible landscape with easily traversed terraces that invite people to be a part of the building’s activities and take in the elevated views of the water,” says Jens Holm, Partner in Charge for 3XN in North America. “The concave design is not just an aesthetic move – it creates an amphitheater-like space with close connections among the activities happening on each level. This gives a sense of neighborhood and intimacy, ensuring that people feel included in and inspired by the activities around them.”

The new plan for Harborplace was announced to the Baltimore community on October 30, 2023, by MCB Real Estate.

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