Synthetic Vernacular via Artificial Intelligence – Studio Aikin Karr

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Synthetic Vernacular via Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI has shifted the paradigm for architectural design. Text to image and image to video tools like Midjourney and Runway have become increasingly powerful and essential to the daily workflow of architects and designers looking to gain a competitive edge.

With this monumental innovation, it is important for designers from all backgrounds to join the conversation in order to create a diverse ecosystem. In this workshop, Aikin Karr will explore the basics of Midjourney, how to get started using it, how it can be incorporated into your current design workflow. Participants can also expect to learn how to engineer prompts that will specify their desired geographical and environmental context and achieve consistent, captivating results that resemble architectural renders.

The Scope of the Workshop:

This studio will mainly be focusing on the Midjourney image generator from a beginner level. However, participants will also get a chance to explore the full design workflow ideal for video generation. This will include but is not limited to creating a content calendar in Notion, prompt engineering with Midjourney, post processing with Adobe Photoshop (Beta) and Runway ML and a brief exploration of emerging trends within the AI-Architectural landscape.


The workshop covers a simple beginner workflow to use Midjourney text-to-image to create captivating results in the video format. The workflow will be as follows:

  • Notion page builder, tables and sub-pages to organise work
  • Midjourney prompt engineering, iteration, variation, selection and upscaling
  • Post-production in Photoshop Beta for image editing and refinement via generative fill
  • Capcut video compilation and editing: images to follow rhythm of beat


In this studio, students can expect to learn:

  • How to set up a notion document to organise their workflow.
  • Use Midjourney Text-to-image generator to engineer prompts specific to their desired geographical and environmental context.
  • Achieve consistent results with Midjourney.
  • Use Photoshop (Beta) to add context or remove noise from their results.
  • Turn their still images into Reel/Tiktok video slideshows using Capcut.


Session 1

  • Introduction (15min)
  • Lecture: A Short Introduction to Synthetic Vernacular Architecture (20min)
  • Lets Get Started with Notion (10min)
  • Introduction to MJ: A Journey through Midjourney (10min)
  • Tutorial 1: Prompt Engineering (20min)
  • Tutorial 2: Post Processing with Adobe Photoshop Beta (20min)

Session 2

  • Assignment (1hr)
  • Tutorial 3: Video Editing with Capcut (30min)
  • Content Sharing (20min)
  • Further Tools & Research Topics (20min)

Q&A Session (30min)


  • Midjourney (Required, paid-membership recommended)
  • Runway ML (Recommended, Free trial available)
  • Photoshop Beta (Recommended, Free Trial available)
  • Capcut (Required, Free)
  • Notion (Recommended, Free)

Important Notes:

  • The “Synthetic Vernacular via Artificial Intelligence” Free Studio workshop by PAACADEMY will start on Saturday, 30th December, at 14:00 (GMT).
  • Total sessions: one session
  • The teaching duration per session will be 4-5 hours.
  • Students will have time for a break between teaching hours.
  • Each session and the entire studio will be recorded, and videos will be available for participants just a day after the class for unlimited time.
  • PAACADEMY will provide a certificate of attendance.


Abdulalim U-K – Aikin Karr

Aikin Karr is a pseudonym used by UK-based 24-year-old Nigerian architectural designer and entrepreneur, AbdulAlim U-K. The name pays homage to his ethnic heritage as he redefines Sudano-Sahelian architectural design aesthetics and principles in tandem with cutting edge technology. With a unique focus on the evolution of vernacular architecture, he leverages artificial intelligence to explore contemporary and futuristic forms of traditional architecture that is culturally and environmentally bound to the Sahel region. This design process, AbdulAlim has coined as Regional Tectonics, he uses to create captivating urban layouts, facade and industrial designs for a global audience. In addition, AbdulAlim studied architecture and environmental design at the University of Westminster in London, has 2+ years experience working in a design-build firm in Nigeria, co-founded an award-winning startup with the aim of alleviating urban crime supported by the National Space Research & Development Agency of Nigeria, and is currently studying towards a master’s degree in computer science at Cardiff University in Wales with a focus in artificial intelligence, it’s role in the built environment and in enterprise.

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