Many monuments, including Gaza’s oldest mosque, were destroyed

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Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque © Ali Jadallah – Anadolu Agency

During the attack on the Gaza Strip, many cultural heritage sites and ancient monuments were destroyed, including Gaza’s oldest mosque.

Since October 7, several mosques, churches, hospitals, schools, and residential buildings have been destroyed, including the Great Omari Mosque located in the Daraj neighborhood – one of the most important and oldest mosques in Palestine. Also, the Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrius, the Orthodox Cultural Centre, the Al-Qarara Cultural Museum, and the Rafah Museum were destroyed. Each of these structures held historical and cultural significance to the local community, and their destruction has had a profound impact on the area.

According to Middle East Monitor, Israeli warplanes bombed the ancient Othman Bin Qashqai Mosque in the Old City of Gaza, resulting in the deaths of several people and causing damage to nearby homes.

Greek Orthodox Church © Ali Jadallah – Anadolu Agency

As reported by Palestine New & Info Agency, “Nine publishing houses and libraries were also destroyed, in addition to complete or partial destruction of at least 21 cultural centers. Most parts of the old town of Gaza City were also destroyed, including 20 historical buildings, including churches, mosques, museums, and archaeological sites. Three studios and media and artistic production companies were also damaged.”

“The crime of targeting and destroying archaeological sites should spur the world and UNESCO into action to preserve this great civilizational and cultural heritage,” stated the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Since the beginning of the conflict on October 7, a significant number of individuals have been affected. As per reports, there are still ongoing deaths being recorded.

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