Dessert Lights show how precise and elegant 3D printing can be

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Dessert Lights

Designed by Sarah Frister and Paul Streicher, Dessert Lights is a product of STRUCT3D, a company established in 2023 that produces 3D-printed design products under its own name. The young German firm from Lichtenfels launched its first product range with Dessert Lights.

“We often take everything far too seriously in life. That‘s why we want to bring fun and lightness into your life with the Dessert Lights. The Dessert Lights are lights in the shape of sweets that push the possibilities of 3D printing with their unique shapes and structures. That is why our shapes are often designed in such a way that they could not be realized with any other manufacturing process. The product line comprises pendant lights and table lamps in various shapes and colors. They are not only a unique eye-catcher at home, but can also create a cool atmosphere in stores, restaurants, and cafés and enchant guests.” Sara Frister stated.

Dessert Lights

The creators of Dessert Lights aim to create 3D-printed goods that are better and more robust than those made with a home 3D printer. The candies emphasize this objective. They show how precise and elegant 3D printing can be, much like a confectioner using the correct recipe to create masterpieces.

Their luminaires are characterized by their parametric design and are visually striking. “We also make use of the other major advantage of the 3D printing process. This means that the lampshades are only printed on demand from a producer in the region,” said Frister.

The laser sintering method (SLS) produces the lights in Germany. To guarantee the best quality and longevity, the surface is polished using a unique procedure, and the lights are subsequently coated with a heat-resistant ceramic material. They also utilize the second principal benefit of 3D printing. This indicates that only when a local producer requests the lampshades are printed.

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