ZOO Architects uses organic materials to build houses for otters

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ZOO Architects have come up with an innovative project called “The Otter House”. This project is based on natural forms and takes inspiration from the roots of architecture. The architects have used organic materials such as rock, earth, and hay to build houses that are specifically designed for otters. The houses are created by keeping in mind the otters’ preferred environments, social behavior, diet, and cognitive abilities. Otter House is a fascinating group of biomorphic prototypes.

“Otters are social animals that usually live together and form family groups. They often sleep holding hands, which is a manifestation of their social behavior. They often live together in families or groups, typically consisting of a pair of adult otters and their offspring,” said the designers.


Otters are highly adaptable animals that can survive in a variety of environments such as rivers, lakes, marshes, and oceans. However, they tend to prefer freshwater habitats with slow-moving water, high water clarity, sparse aquatic vegetation, and an abundance of fish, especially small streams with lush tree coverage along their banks. As top predators and crucial species in both freshwater and coastal ecosystems, the presence of otters is a significant biological indicator of environmental health.

Therefore, by creating suitable habitats for otters, designers can not only protect the natural environment but also reflect on the meaning of human architecture. This realization helps designers understand that architecture is not just a product that fulfills human needs, but also a way of showing respect for nature and life.

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