noa* designed resort evokes the aesthetic of old Alpine barns

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A refurbishment of a highly successful resort had to be carried out without losing its original character while improving aesthetics, sustainability, and service. Based on the above principles, noa* has completed the renovation of the Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido in Casteldarne, in the Pustertal Valley.

This is a hotel with a long operating history and the first hotel run by the Falkensteiner family. The project aimed to add new spaces and functions to the existing hotel, especially to create play areas for younger guests, while also providing opportunities for their parents to relax. The beauty of the Alpine surroundings was a key point in the design – the entire complex was to blend into it in a harmonious manner.


noa* was entrusted with the design of the new building. They creatively took the roof as a starting point, replacing the traditional eaves of the old building with a large-scale wave-shaped structure, and making it cover all the old and new structures. The new roof slopes at both ends until it disappears into the ground. The vegetation on it makes the building a “hill” that blends with the landscape. The function of the entertainment venue.

noa*’s new roof for the hotel spans a distance of 300 meters and covers a space of 4,900 square meters with a central height of 18 meters. The design shows a high degree of innovation in terms of architectural shape, size, and materials. The new part has a reinforced concrete structure, while steel beams and timber are used at the intersection with the old structure. The roof is covered with metal tiles, which act like a second skin and ideally follow the curves and undulations of the roof.

A circular path runs through the open roof, where guests can take a pleasant walk, like visiting a well-equipped leisure park. The east side of the roof features a 163-meter-long ski slope with a carpeted conveyor belt. The course is open to all visitors of the resort but is especially suitable for children, who can learn to ski with an instructor without leaving the hotel. In addition, the man-made ground allows it to be used in all seasons, including the ice rink at the highest point of the roof terrace.

The other (west) side of the roof houses a large family gym area, a bobby car track, and an elevated mini adventure park with a football field, basketball court, and other activity spaces below. A 120-meter-long water slide winds its way across the lake and leads down to the subterranean games and pool area. The bright yellow spiral makes the slide stand out from the surrounding landscape, becoming the signature and symbol of this resort dedicated to providing entertainment and adventure for young guests.

In addition to unifying all wall structures in a single color, the design emphasizes the use of the geometric texture of natural wood to give rhythm to the building while highlighting the unique aesthetic of the historic barn buildings in the Alps.

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