Magnom Properties and Designworks collaborated on the first sensory design façade in the Middle East

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Magnom Properties, which is a subsidiary of Rawabi Holding in Saudi Arabia, has collaborated with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, to create a captivating and interactive design for the façade of their upcoming Forbes International Tower. The tower is planned to be built in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and is aimed at providing a unique emotional experience to its visitors.

Othman A. Ibrahim, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of Rawabi Holding and Vice Chairman of Magnom Properties said: “Responding to the environmentally sound, future-ready building’s broader and natural context, Designworks will enrich the design and experience of the Tower through sensorial and surprising stimuli to deeply connect with the Tower’s occupants, visitors, and other audiences.”


Designworks has signed an agreement with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG Architecture) to ensure a seamless integration of architectural and experiential elements. The collaboration aims to align with the creative vision of the building’s architects. As per the agreement, Designworks will develop an experience map for the Forbes International Tower. This includes the creation of a signature façade illumination and charging experience.

Maged Marie, CEO of Magnom Properties, said: “The Forbes International Tower is an ambitious project that is elevating the standards of sustainable design and pushing boundaries of modern construction. Collaborating with Designworks as a design partner perfectly aligns with our vision to craft a truly exceptional experience that integrates innovative technologies to reimagine the occupant’s journey within and outside the building. As ‘Architects of the Future’, Designworks has a wealth of experience in the field of future mobility and urbanity and deep know how of the luxury automotive industry. This knowledge will flow into the experience design of the futuristic Forbes International Tower and shape an intensive emotional and sensory engagement for all its users and visitors.”

“As early as 1973, the BMW Group was the world’s first car manufacturer to have its own environmental protection officer, and today sustainability is at the heart of the company´s focus – far beyond the automobile,” said Holger Hampf, Head of Designworks, a BMW Group Company. “As a BMW Group subsidiary, we are proud to be partner for the exterior- and charging experience design for the Forbes International Tower because it is our firm belief that good design can contribute to changing customer mindsets and behaviour and promote more responsible actions.”

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