Parametric Coin Facade made of rectangular panels with circular coin mechanisms

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Parametric Coin Facade

Parametric Coin Facade is an example of modern design and parametric principles. This creation features a modular design incorporating fixed circular coins, created by SOGA Design Studio, a parametric design firm based in Gurgaon, India. The result is a seamless and interactive facade that uses an illusion of water movement to create a visually stunning architectural concept.

The facade consists of rectangular panels, each of which contains many circular shapes with a coin mechanism. The modules are carefully positioned to create a harmonious yet dynamic composition. The static circular coins are placed and rotated at a unique angle to optimize the interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. As the sun moves across the sky, the changing position of light creates an illusion in the facade’s patterns, imbuing it with a sense of vitality and movement.

Parametric Coin Facade

The design concept of the Parametric Coin Facade replicates the fluidity of ocean waves, with dynamic textures mimicking sunlight on water. Metallic sheets of a single color and shade are used, with coins bent at different angles to create an interactive feature. The result is a visually striking facade that enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal and reflects the forward-thinking identity of the Yashika Group brand.

The fabrication process involved a combination of digital design techniques and precision metalwork. Advanced parametric modelling software was used to develop a detailed digital prototype, incorporating the specific rotation angles for each coin module. This digital model served as a blueprint for the fabrication process, guiding the precise cutting, bending, and assembly of the metal components.

The entire facade is divided into 216 rectangular panels, each containing a different number of circular coins uplifted at varying angles, designed according to the ocean wave pattern and composition. These panels are constructed using modular aluminum metal sheets, creatively crafted without the need for soldering and welding techniques. Since the aluminum facade is lightweight, it is easy to fix and remove.

Project Info

Parametric Designers: SOGA Design Studio
Fabrication Team: Metaguise
Project Architect: Archium Design Studio
Photograph: Metaguise
Client: Yashika Group
Facade Area: 242.3 m²
City: Gurgaon
Country: India

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