Foster + Partners’ first exhibition in Korea: “Future Positive”

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future positive
© Lim Jang Hwal

Foster + Partners has launched its first-ever exhibition in South Korea at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). The exhibition titled “Future Positive” showcases the works of the renowned architect Norman Foster and his studio Foster+Partners to Korean visitors for the first time. From April 25th to July 21st, 2024, visitors can explore a comprehensive showcase of Foster’s architectural journey from 1967 to the present.

The exhibition is a result of collaboration between SeMA and Foster + Partners. It explores the innovative work of the practice through various interdisciplinary themes such as sustainability, culture, history, research, and technology. The focus is on the significance of human experience in designing, highlighting Foster + Partners’ distinctive process and integrated approach to architecture and responsible design, as well as their contributions to public spaces for culture and the arts, such as art galleries and museums.

future positive
© Lim Jang Hwal

Foster + Partners has been committed to responsible design and sustainability for over five decades. The practice has incorporated a comprehensive approach to energy, community, history, water, waste, and transport in a wide range of projects. Foster + Partners’ philosophy revolves around restoring existing structures by understanding programs, intervening sensitively with the fabric, and prioritizing user experience and well-being.

The exhibition features cultural, civic, and workplace projects, exploring how existing buildings can be thoughtfully extended and enhanced to meet the needs of art and people for present and future generations while saving damaging greenhouse gas emissions through retrofitting.

future positive
© Lim Jang Hwal

With these approaches to sustainability, retrofitting, and the importance of responsible design, culture, and history, Foster + Partners has designed two of the world’s first ecological office towers in Frankfurt and London. They have also recently designed Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters in London, which is considered the world’s most sustainable office building according to BREEAM standards, and Apple Park in Cupertino, which is one of the largest naturally ventilated buildings in the world and is powered by 100% renewable energy. The firm’s most recent project was completed for the Spanish infrastructure and energy company ACCIONA and is considered one of its most sustainable projects to date.

The “Future Positive” exhibition is now open for visitors until 21 July 2024.

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