Olympia Theatre

Olympia Theatre: Heatherwick, Haworth Tompkins & Spparc Envision a Magnificent Spectacle

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Olympia Theatre

A colossal and outstandingly towering structure envisioned to revel in its opulent aura inspired by the Victorian era. The new Olympia Theatre designed in collaboration with Haworth Tompkins, Heatherwick Studio and Spparc Studio has revealed their magnificent visions of the spruce London theatre in a stylish opera fashion. Inviting all the elements of the 21st century, stacking 1500 seats into the auditorium in west London, the theatre sparkles in a vivacious setting scored by the designers.

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The Olympia Theatre is tagged as the £1.3bn redevelopments of the Olympia Exhibition Centre designed by Heatherwick Studio and Spparc. Operated by Trafalgar Entertainment the design comprises five stories visualized as a stage raising its curtains for the grand show. Trafalgar Entertainment’s unique charm in theatre operation and the intricate demands of modern productions offer the latest innovations in technical facilities.

Olympia Theatre

Every seat will feel comfortably close to the stage, and audiences can sizzle and enjoy the premier standards of viewing the spectacle. The design channels unobstructed ventilation throughout the theatre. The glazed entrance promenade carouses in shimmering views across London, presenting a unique vista to the arriving audience. Visitors can dwell and enjoy top-class bar, hospitality and VIP facilities, reinforcing the hospitality and their iconic canons.

Howard Panter, co-founder of Trafalgar Entertainment said: “Looking forward to a new golden age of theatre, Olympia presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity – it is quite simply one of the most exciting new theatres London has seen for many years and we’re delighted to be playing our part as operator. Trafalgar Entertainment is determined to help the return of live entertainment across the UK: we know that audiences want passionately to return to the unique magic that is live theatre.”

The wider redevelopment plans include the site of the existing Kensington Olympia exhibition halls. The Olympia Theatre project includes ancillary spaces such as offices, studios and co-working spaces, abutted along with a four-screen arthouse cinema and a 3,500 seat live music arena.

The Olympia Theatre will transform into a quintessential venue with rich history, and tremendous untapped potential. They can truly unlock a vibrant new culture, leisure and business hub for Londoners, and other visitors to soothe into a diverse spectrum of remarkable experiences. The theatre is set to open its doors and screen its first marvellous show in 2025.

Olympia Theatre
Olympia Theatre

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