Joslyn Art Museum sets to reopen in September 2024

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Southeast aerial view of the Joslyn Art Museum and the construction of the new Hawks Pavilion | ©

The Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska recently announced that restoration and expansion work led by Snøhetta and Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture (APMA) is almost finished, and the museum is set to reopen on September 10, 2024.

The new building will be named for Rhonda and Howard Hawks of The Hawks Foundation. It is the museum’s first expansion since the wing designed by Foster + Partners opened in 1994. The largest art museum in Nebraska will have new gallery spaces added to it, serving as the centerpiece of a larger project aimed at reimagining the visitor experience.

The Joslyn Museum is a significant cultural landmark located in the Great Plains region. It consists of the Art Deco Memorial building, which was opened in 1931, and later on, the Walter & Suzanne Scott Pavilion, designed by Norman Foster, was added in 1994. The museum displays a collection that represents 5,000 years of human creativity and showcases the world’s diverse cultures.

Snøhetta has designed an extension to the existing building that features a curved low-slung volume. The addition emerges from a glass atrium, which connects it to the Art Deco building and the 1994 addition. The new pavilion is situated on top of two granite garden walls, which use transparency to create a clearer arrival experience and increase connectivity with the existing spaces. On the first floor, the atrium is completed with a museum shop and a multi-functional community space.

Northwest view of the new Hawks Pavilion entry to the Museum | ©

Experienced visitors of the Joslyn Art Museum will notice significant changes to the grounds upon the expansion’s completion. These changes aim to improve the connectivity between the existing spaces and clarify the visitors’ arrival. Craig Dykers, founding partner at Snøhetta, emphasized the importance of enhancing the entry experience, stating that it was a primary focus for the design team. Over the years, the museum’s main entrance had been the grand steps facing east, but with the completion of Foster’s addition, those doors were closed, and the entrance was relocated. The team has decided to designate the ground floor of the new wing as the entrance. This will allow access from the sculpture garden in the south, the parking lot in the north, and the east side of the pavilion.

The expansion of the Joslyn Museum is a step towards promoting public access to arts in a more inviting way while respecting Joslyn’s identity. The redesign is a comprehensive effort to create a dynamic and inclusive design that is open to everyone. This project builds upon Joslyn’s rich history as a cultural hub and iconic landmark.

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