Geospaces: Continuities Between Humans, Spaces, and the Earth by Alper Derinbogaz

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Geospaces: Continuities Between Humans, Spaces, and the Earth is Alper Derinbogaz’s recently published book. Architecture history is a sliver of the vast evolution of habitat types. The shape of the land and how humans inhabit it are central to all architectural endeavors. But, our current understanding of architecture is predicated on a distinction between nature and culture.

Modernism and its split from the vernacular have resulted in a crisis of links, the ramifications of which we are currently witnessing. To advance toward more Earth-friendly design, we must consider continuities, such as the emergence of natural forms, the history of human habitation, and the future of fabrication technologies. What if we consider structures to be natural iterations rather than manmade objects?

This book is an extended visual essay of ideas, photos, sketches, and projects that follows Alper Derinbogaz’s work throughout the last decade, framing a strategy based on empathy with the Earth. Geospaces investigates architecture through the prism of evolution, tracing connections between topography, geology, genetics, ecologies, and construction technologies, proposing that a hybrid approach to creating will determine our future habitats.

Name of the book: Geospaces
Publication Date: December 2022
Publisher: Actar Publishers
Work by: Alper Derinbogaz
Foreword: Luca Molinari
Guest Writer: Graham Harman
Editor: Emmy Bacharach
Assistant Editor: Emre Tas
Design: Hazal Ozkaya, Ceren Abay
Creative Direction: Furkan Temir, Hazal Ozkaya
Special thanks to: Anna Masello, Anja Visini, Bahar Turkay, Blaine Brownell, Dilek Ozturk, Debora Vella, Edipcan Yıldız, Emre Tas, Enise Derinbogaz, Kutan Ayata, Laura Pedata, Loris Rossi, Ma Yansong, Marcelyn Gow, Nicola Cherubini, Refik Anadol, Reinier de Graaf, Simona Finessi, Sinan Logie
Photography of the book: Hazal Ozkaya, Ceren Abay
First Edition: Printed in Istanbul November 2022

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