The Thank You Bouquet Art Installation

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art installation

The Thank You Bouquet Art Installation, designed by Gridesign, transforms the sturdy and robust bamboo into warm and gentle blossoms, responding to the primary notion of PX Mart’s “2021 We Together” charity festival. According to the artist Lin Ching-ke, a flower is the ultimate stage in which a plant pulls energy from its surroundings, blooms at the appropriate time, and extends its life in the form of beauty.

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art installation

The bamboo-weaving buds and blossoms make a bouquet of appreciation, and the scenery encourages people to express their praise in the middle of a chaotic society.

people can gaze up, move through, and let the bodies and thoughts roam through the gaps in the middle of 180 flowers on display in Daan Forest Park square. May people not lose their vitality and creative inclinations in such a turbulent atmosphere.

art installation

The design team is grateful to all the physicians, nurses, police, and firefighters who helped tremendously throughout the epidemic.

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Project details:

City: Taipei
Country: Taiwan
Project Name: The Thank You Bouquet / Art Installation
Architect / Architecture Firm: Gridesign studio
Project Year: 2021
Built / Unbuilt: Built

About Gridesign

Gridesign is a design studio that focuses on bamboo crafts. The studio creates goods out of bamboo, a material that is seldom used by Taiwanese design firms. In collaboration with highly experienced craftsmen, they produce bamboo furniture that combines local craftsmanship with contemporary design in an effort to discover a new path for Taiwan’s bamboo industry. Ching-Ke Lin, the director of Gridesign Studio, has 10 years of experience in the area of industrial design. He intends to contribute to the breadth of Gridesign’s work by exploring the potential of traditional craft.

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