Flow Series made from wood biocomposite using 3D printing technology

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Flow Serie

Istanbul-based product designer Nazar Sigaher teamed up with CIRCULA to create the “Flow Series.” The latest collection called Flow Serie by CIRCULA showcases three side tables made from wood biocomposite material using 3D printing technology.

CIRCULA is a startup that creates zero-waste spaces using large-scale 3D robotic printing technology and sustainable materials. They focus on using wood biocomposite material consisting of residual waste and shaping it with large-scale additive manufacturing into long-lasting design products.

The design highlights the manufacturing method with spiral tops printed by a robotic arm on an ‘S’-shaped circular body, making it seem like a shell on one side and a solid structure on the other.

“The inward spiraling shell-like geometry of the design is difficult to produce using traditional production methods; hence, the design also represents the production advantages provided by robotic 3D printing technology. The Flow Series aims to increase interest and demand for low carbon 3D printed design products by offering a sculptural dynamic form,” as explained by designer Nazar Sigaher.

The Flow includes three unique tables with different dimensions and heights that can be combined to increase the usable surface area. The circular shapes create harmonious angles in between. The series will be available in both wood composite material and PLA made from agricultural waste, with coloring options and suitability for outdoor use available based on demand.

“We had a lot of conversations about what 3D-printed furniture should look like and gave full freedom to the designer, not pushing the notion that 3D-printed items must have a certain look regarding complexity. The Flow series is a statement in that regard,” says Türkiye Simge Goorany, the founder of CIRCULA.

Project Info

Collection: CIRCULA Flow Series
Product: Flow 01, FLow 02, Flow 03
Type: Furniture – Side Table
Year: 2024
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Materials Available: Wood Fiber Biocomposite and PLA (Coloring and Post-Processing For Outdoors is Possible)
Recyclability: %100 Recyclable
Fabrication Method: Robotic 3D Printing
Design: Nazar Şigaher
Digital Fabrication: CIRCULA
Project Team: Türkiye Simge Goorany, Ege Tıkız
Photos: Eyüp Bingöl

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