Expo City Dubai unveiled two new urban living projects in Expo Valley

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Expo City Dubai
Maha Villas

Expo City Dubai launched the second phase of Shamsa Townhouses in Expo Valley in September 2023. The second phase of Shamsa will offer three- and four-bedroom townhouses, priced from AED 3.6 million.

Also, they announced Maha Villas, which are priced at AED 13 million each, feature an expansive plot area ranging from 700 sqm to 123 sqm. These villas come equipped with a private swimming pool and underground parking. Expo Valley, the first development in the UAE to feature 60% green areas within a community, offers direct access to the nature reserve, lake, and wadi.

The main site of Expo 2020 Dubai was situated on a 438-hectare area between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2022, Dubai announced a new plan for District 2020 as Expo City Dubai. After that announcement, the country plans to expand the project more.

Expo City Dubai
Shamsa Townhouses

Ahmed Al Khatib, Chief Development and Delivery Officer, Expo City Dubai, said: “The speedy sell-out of the first phase of Shamsa Townhouses reflects the buoyant real estate market in Dubai and a growing interest in the south of the city as a convenient place to live and work, not to mention the exceptionally high quality of the properties and the unique urban living experience.” and he added, “Both Expo Valley and Expo Central feature best practices in innovative, environmentally friendly design and form part of an exciting, growing community that prioritizes health, wellbeing, and happiness. We are confident the next phases will be equally popular.”

“Our philosophy as the master developer centers around crafting holistic living experiences, where residents can find an exceptional home where they can embrace sustainable living and connect with their community and the beauty of their natural surroundings,” said Ahmed Al Khatib.

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