Aysegul Altinel rebuilds Istanbul as Legoland by using AI

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Aysegul Altinel, a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Istanbul, studied Textile Arts at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. Throughout her career, she has ventured into various art and design fields, from patterns to illustrations, window displays to concept designs, always searching for innovative solutions within this wide spectrum.

Around two years ago, her career took an exciting turn with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Under the nickname “sallyateyou” she has been crafting concepts and offering creative ideas to local and global brands as an AI Artist. According to Aysegul, a significant milestone in this journey occurred in May 2023 when she had the privilege of attending the Borders International Art & Architectural Fair, “Hybrid Identities,” in Venice, Italy, along with other important designers such as Tim Fu, Lev Libeskind and many more.

In her exploration of AI, particularly working with Midjourney, she has come to view it as a versatile tool, an invaluable companion, and a dependable assistant. As an artist, she has admired Midjourney’s remarkable ability to bring the ideas from her mind directly to the digital canvas. This allows her to focus entirely on the conceptual aspects while her “assistant” adeptly manages the execution, consistently delivering the desired results—a remarkable experience.

For anyone who has managed a creative team, the demands of supervision, education, and various responsibilities are well-known. Now, picture the relief of knowing that AI can translate your brief into a precisely executed vision—effectively a whole design team at your fingertips. She has felt like a solo orchestra conductor since she embarked on her journey of creating visuals with AI. The thrill of witnessing the continual improvement in generated visuals adds an extra layer of excitement to her work.

Aysegul Altinel

AI’s capability to generate and manipulate images in real-time is undeniably exhilarating. AI can discern patterns and autonomously generate novel ideas by training machine learning models with creative examples. Nevertheless, there are misconceptions to dispel. Contrary to common belief, applying prompts originally and uniquely can sometimes require days of meticulous work on a single image, especially when delving into uncharted territories outside of AI’s expertise.

According to Aysegul Altinel, teaching AI about a subject, ensuring its comprehensive grasp of every detail, and investing time in refining it can be vital. When tasked with a brand brief, combining multiple tools and discovering innovative program utilization methods becomes essential. Like any design software, Midjourney evolves continuously, necessitating the ongoing exploration of its features. Skillful parameter usage can dramatically expedite the creation of intricate images. Sometimes, venturing into unfamiliar parameters may be the key to achieving the desired texture.

Aysegul Altinel

The essence of successful AI-assisted creativity lies in striking a harmonious balance between human input and machine learning. While AI excels at generating fresh ideas and concepts, it lacks the emotional and intuitive understanding intrinsic to humans. Thus, it is imperative to employ AI to enhance our creative capabilities rather than rely solely on it for inspiration.

In conclusion, she believes that AI possesses the potential to revolutionize the creative process, akin to the transformative impact of digital photography. According to Aysegul, we can craft groundbreaking and innovative works of art by harnessing machine learning algorithms. As we continue exploring AI’s potential in the realm of creativity, she anticipates the emergence of novel art forms and designs that will redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

*The text was provided by Aysegul Altinel and reviewed by the PA Editorial Team.

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