Asmalay uses recycled materials and follows passive design for sustainability

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Designed by Blurring Boundaries, Asmalay is a beautiful home located in Alibag, a coastal town near Mumbai. It is surrounded by mango trees, and the design aims to create a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature. The house incorporates natural and recycled materials and follows passive design methodologies to promote sustainable living.

The design of the house centers around organic curves that embrace five mango trees on the site. The open floor plan and interconnected spaces offer versatility and adaptability. Each area transitions to the next along gracefully curved walls, creating a unified and uninterrupted spatial ambiance. The ground floor includes a multifunctional living and dining area, with the dining space merging with an open kitchen. The upper floor houses the private quarters and maintains a consistent soft textural palette in continuity with the ground floor.

The house is strategically aligned with orientation and prevailing winds to ensure naturally illuminated and well-ventilated spaces. The house features brick arched windows that facilitate daylight and air circulation, fostering a comfortable internal microclimate that shields against escalating summer temperatures.

The Ferro cement roof is meticulously designed to embrace the existing trees, whose expansive canopy provides natural shading, negating the need for air conditioning. The house utilizes materials like brick and stone, thoughtfully combined with unique spatial arrangements, to create earthy hues. The adoption of rat-trap brick bonds enhances material efficiency and contributes to the brick structure’s insulation. The house features inbuilt ferrocement furniture, exemplifying a harmonious blend of functionality and design.

The architectural composition dissolves the boundary between interior and exterior, effectively connecting occupants with their natural surroundings. Asmalay stands as a testament to conscientious sustainability, showcasing how architectural ingenuity can give rise to spaces that nurture both the human spirit and the planet.

Project Info

Project Name: Asmalay House
Project Location: India
Architecture Firm: Blurring Boundaries
Architect: Prashant Dupare, Shriya Parasrampuria
Project Year: 2023
Built / Unbuilt: Completed
Built Area: 2000ft2
Photography: Inclined Studio

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