Kinematic Petal Dress

Kinematic Petal Dress Knitted by Jessica Rosenkrantz’s Nervous System

Kinematic Petal Dress

Digital visualization and computational tools have streaked the fashion industry to express in amorously fragmented forms. Kinematic Petal Dress presents a flowering innovation, a textile language explored, designed and 3D printed by Jessica Rosenkrantz’s studio Nervous System. Reminiscing as a mystical armour, and exquisitely layered in parametric petals, the attire crafts a vision of artistic dressing.

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The dress aligns perfectly to your body, covering the skin with elegant interlocking nodes, like feathers of a bird. Rosenkrantz’s Kinematic Petals Dress takes an enigmatic inspiration from the quote ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ by Arthur C. Clarke.

Kinematic Petal Dress

The design notably fuses elegance and wearability fresh out of the 3D printer. Individually sculpted after scanning the wearer’s body and adapting the structural fabric, then digitally laced and encrusted in scaling petal pieces.

Kinematic Petal Dress

Rosenkrantz vision feathers the 3D-printed fashion to the glitzy, sculptural couture that dominates in stylistic and glamourous perception. Her intentions looked beyond science fiction, to accomplish something solid and innovative, throttling challenges in the arena of 3D printing and engage people in visualizing their own attire. The spirit of customization was the prime principle that drove Rosenkrantz philosophy.

Plumes overlap in ergonomic fashion, as imbricated shells protrude from the underlying fabric of tessellated triangular panels, sheathing the body in a directional landscape. As each component locks in place, they behave in an auxiliary action. Durable nylon plastic made by Selective Laser Sintering composes the dress in the 3D-printed format. The dress integrates over 1600 unique pieces woven by over 2600 hinges, emerging out as a ready-to-wear attire after assembly and printing. Also employed with a smart folding strategy to compress Kinematic garments into a smaller form for efficient fabrication. By folding the garments prior to printing them, the designers can weave complex structures larger than the 3D printer, thus unfolding intended shapes.

Kinematic Petal Dress truly embellishes a giant leap for fashion industry. The synergy of technology, mathematics and art cherishing the red top as it sways, flaps and assembles in beguiling orientations. The designers at Nervous System have cracked a neoteric nerve to the concept of costume and comfort.

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