SAGA builds the largest 3D-printed circular-shaped house in Scandinavia

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3D-printed house

SAGA designed a new circular-shaped 3D-printed community house in Brondby, which is the largest 3D-printed house in Scandinavia.

The 3D-printed hub includes a fitness center, laundry room, and playground. AKF, the large Danish real estate developer, and 3DCP Group collaborated on the project. The 75 sqm house is influenced by the shape of the nearby “Kirkebjerg” lake, located just outside of Copenhagen.

“3D printing is an adaptive construction process where material is added only where necessary. In the process, it is determined how much material should be used in different building components, making it possible to create buildings where concrete is only added where it is structurally necessary. This allows for a reduction in resource consumption and can bring significant environmental and economic benefits while providing greater freedom in the architectural design of the building.” said AKF, one of the project’s partners.

The project was printed by using low CO2 cement mixed with local sand and gravel using the D.fab admixtures method developed by Cemex and COBOD.

“3D printing opens the door to a world of possibilities, and hopefully, we can contribute to pushing the industry’s traditional construction methods,” said Vibeke Lorenzen, the technical director at AKF.

“Seeing is believing when it comes to new technology. So, we really wanted to show live how reliable, fast, and precise the technology is, and we are really happy for the turnout from the press that came in large numbers,” stated Mikkel Brich, CEO of 3DCP.

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