nidus3D announces the first 3D concrete-printed housing project in Alberta

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Siksika Nation, in collaboration with nidus3D and the University of Calgary School of Architecture and Planning, has recently unveiled a housing project in Alberta, Canada. The project involves the use of 3D concrete printing technology to construct a series of buildings, called Kakatoosoyiists, which translates to “Star Lodges.”

Located on the lands of the Siksika Nation, the Star Lodges will be the largest 3D concrete-printed housing project in Canada. The project aims to address the critical need for affordable housing in Canada, particularly in Indigenous communities. The 3D printing process will allow flexibility in design, allowing the creation of customizable structures that suit the specific needs and preferences of the locals.

“By harnessing cutting-edge 3D concrete printing technology, this initiative promises to deliver not just homes but a sustainable and prosperous future for the Siksika Nation community.” said nidus3D.

“The primary reason is due to the labour bottleneck,” says Ryan Hall, housing manager at Siksika Nation. “We are challenged with access to trades, and 3D printing allows us to build a lot of the structure using a robot with minimal staff. The technology makes a lot of sense for remote locations. Other reasons include structure longevity, and the ability to design for the local culture.”

He continues, “3D concrete houses help us extend the life of the homes – and for these reasons, we are getting a lot of interest from other nations suffering from the same issues,” he says. “In addition, we can create employment for nation members by adopting the technology.”

The project represents a significant milestone in the field of innovative housing construction, setting a new standard for sustainable and affordable housing in Canada.

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