Octacove Homes offers affordable housing with 3D printing and polygonal design

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Octacove Homes

Octacove Homes, designed by Sameep Padora & Associates, averages 37.1612 square meters of shared housing.

The designer was looking for the answer to how homes are made, which has much to do with the future of mass living. They want to reduce structure and material conflicts in the Octacove homes by using 3D printing so that walls can easily become roofs and structures can form. The plans are based on polygonal shapes, which ensure a natural logic of thriftiness by using shared walls to reduce material use. At ground level, these octagonal shapes change when niches with different uses, like living rooms or beds, are added. These niches also strengthen the structure.

The clever use of stack effect ventilation is employed in a unique way in this architectural structure. A central courtyard, which is open to the sky, allows for the natural flow of air, ensuring a comfortable environment for occupants. The same corbelling method that supports the exterior walls also supports this courtyard, adding to the architectural beauty and uniqueness of the structure. The combination of natural elements and skilled craftsmanship not only ensures structural integrity but also provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Beta Realities also achieved recognition for its innovative project, Collective Parts, which was recently announced as one of the winners of the prestigious ICON Initiative 99 Competition. Furthermore, The Cactus Homes, a unique architectural design created by JK3D, was also recognized in the same competition as an Honorable Mention in the Open Category, highlighting the creativity and skill of the team involved.

Project Info

Project Name: Icon Initiative 99 – Octacove Homes
Design: Sameep Padora & Associates
Client: Icon Technology Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Size: 400 Sqft per unit (~37.1612 square meters)
Program: Residential, Social Housing
Design Team : Sameep Padora, Vami Koticha ,Aparna Dhareshwar,Santhosh Narayanan , Keyur Shah, Saqib Shaikh
Visualization: Missing Picture

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