Beta Realities designs 3D-printed social housing for ICON Initiative 99

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Beta Realities

Beta Realities, with its project Collective Parts, was one of the winners of the ICON Initiative 99 Competition. It combines 3D printing technology with collective planning to create scalable and affordable housing solutions. All elements are customizable based on the customer’s preferences and budget, and embedded adaptive furniture maximizes space.

Marvin Bratke, founding partner of Beta Realities, is working on digital architecture solutions, said, “To react to newly arising challenges of the housing market, Collective Parts is conceived as an interactive planning platform, using machine learning and state-of-the-art computation to anticipate user flows, changes in operations and material life cycles. We generate highly flexible interior layouts, based on modular building blocks.”

Beta Realities has partnered with ICON to offer user-friendly design software and a kit of parts to transform the planning, production, and construction chain with a more participatory approach to affordable architecture. The software offers potential for brand collaborations and new circular business models. An integrated end-to-end process commences with the initial building design by designing functional objects instead of preconfigured homes.

Paul Clemens Bart, Partner of Beta Realities, is working on emerging technology in construction, said, “A digital design workflow was crafted to create modular, prefabricated building blocks that allow for scalability and fast construction on a multitude of locations. Using this AI powered process guarantees efficient planning and eliminates planning errors. In a digital workflow, the building blocks contains construction information that is directly send to ICON’s 3D printers.”

Beta Realities offers software that allows future homeowners to select suitable and affordable building parts. By designing functional objects, they can save materials and create layouts with the help of AI-assisted planning. The integrated software and Kit-of-Part approach ensure meticulous control over every aspect of the building’s lifecycle, leading to revolutionized on-demand housing.

Project Info

Project Name: Icon Initiative 99 – Collective Parts
Design: Beta Realities
Client: Icon Technology Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Size: varies
Program: Residential, Social Housing
Beta Realities:
Founding Partners: Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke
Design Team: Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke, Sven Bauer, Mateo Fernandez, Felix Grauer, Anton Klyshnia
Visualization: Yoshi Render, Morean
Video Animation: Morean

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