MAD designs a mountain-inspired pavilion for Milan Design Week 2024

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MAD founder Ma Yansong designed a 7.5-meter-tall pavilion in the Cortile della Farmacia courtyard of the University of Milan. The pavilion has no internal column and is shaped like a mountain.

The structure comprises hundreds of triangular units that represent a mountain and reach a height of 7.5 meters without columns. This design invites visitors to explore and imagine, and they have the opportunity to connect with both themselves and nature.

The structure’s installation features a semi-reflective, transparent cover that provides visitors with a visual connection to the 100-year-old courtyard while also giving them a sense of shelter. The exhibit, called “The Walk,” is built using sustainable aluminum alloy and is covered with a composite membrane manufactured by Serge Ferrari. The WPC walkway and PVC outer material can be reused after the exhibition is over.

The semi-permeable composite membrane material on the surface creates a constantly changing experience, presenting different scenery under different lighting conditions. The structure is composed of sustainable aluminum alloy and covered with a semi-permeable composite membrane, which reflects light extraordinarily throughout the day and presents varying looks depending on the lighting conditions.

Also, this is the seventh time MAD has participated in Milan Design Week.

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