Iceland Volcano Museum features an inclined roof that emerges organically from the earth

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Iceland Volcano Museum

Iceland Volcano Museum, located in Myvatn, Iceland, has been designed by Studio RE+N to blend into the surrounding landscape. The museum’s design features an inclined roof that appears to emerge organically from the earth, resulting in minimal disruption to the site.

“The museum’s design aims to blend harmoniously with the landscape, offering visitors and locals a unique opportunity to engage with the surrounding environment,” said Project architect Yuting Zhang, Co-Founder and Design Director of Studio RE+N and added, “Our vision is to create a space where the beauty of nature and the changing seasons are experienced through the museum’s various spaces and experiences.”

Iceland Volcano Museum

The museum’s circular structure is inspired by natural elements in the area, such as volcanic craters, hot springs, and lakes.

The museum has a circular layout that is divided into three distinct pathways for visitors to follow. As you enter, you will be greeted by a descending ramp that symbolically separates you from the outside world. This pathway leads to the interior gallery, where you can explore a variety of artwork and installations at your own pace. The second pathway is an exterior walkable roof that serves as an observation deck, providing a panoramic experience. The third pathway is an outdoor park loop trail that serves as an open-air museum.

Iceland Volcano Museum

The museum’s exterior design strives to connect with the surrounding landscape while enclosing a space that enhances visual and physical engagement with the environment. The curvy facade, which faces various directions, includes sun-shading elements that are optimally oriented to maximize sunlight conservation.

This design feature pays homage to the linear patterns found in traditional Icelandic architecture. The materials used to build the museum establish a direct, elemental, and timeless dialogue with the landscape, providing an ideal setting for the art pieces displayed in the multi-purpose exhibition hall.

Project Info

Project Name: Iceland Volcano Museum
Location: Myvatn, Iceland
Architects/Designers: Yuting Zhang, Lead Designer
Design Team: Studio RE+N

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