Manuel Jimenez Garcia Unveils CloudXS as a Competition Entry Proposal for Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019.

Designed by Manuel Jimenez Garcia, CloudXS is a flexible discrete system for the creation of lightweight rapidly deployable structures that could achieve large spans while allowing reconfigurability for future use.

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The project promotes a universal system that could be assembled without the use of large sets of heavy machinery. The module is meant to be a product that any non-expert user can easily put together.

Each element is optimised to be delivered in a single full format (2400×1220) sheet of 8mm plywood, and engineered to be assembled in 20 minutes by any user without previous training, just following the instruction leaflet.

The piece could be locally laser-cut or delivered flat-packed. Each element weights less than 12kg, so it could be easily manipulated by a single person.

Architect: Manuel Jimenez Garcia
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Building Type: Pavilion
Year: 2019