PoroCity at the Mori Art Museum by The Why Factory Winy Maas

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PoroCity, by The Why Factory – Winy Maas presented at the Mori Art Museum. The project started by asking questions such as, how to open up our solid towers? The Why Factory by Winy Maas exhibits 81 porous towers at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo as part of the exhibition Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow.

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The towers of the PoroCity were built during a five-day workshop organized in collaboration between The Why Factory, TUDelft, and Chiba Institute of Technology Students proposed a method to prove that urban porosity is socially, environmentally, and economically valuable. By looking at how to measure urban porosity, this method aims to promote the capacity of the three-dimensional pixel (the so-called ‘voxel’) for measuring and evaluating the relative porosity of any built form and negotiating design.

The Why Factory, TUDelft
Winy Maas, Javier Arpa, Adrian Ravon , Leo Stuckardt, Lex te Loopor

Chiba Institute of Technology
Professor Souhei Imamura

Yu Kikuno, Asahi Kimura, Masaharu Kobayashi, Misa Kobayashi, Asumi Kokai, Moe Koyama, Atsushi Nakamura ,Kaio Moriguchi, Muneyuki Muraoka, Shun Mutoh, Asuka Nemoto, Kohei Nonaka, Naoaki Obi, Kyou Okui, Daichi Takagishi, Reika Taki, Yosuke Tsuruta, Takayoshi Ueshima, Yu Sasaki, Hojo Song, Asaka Suzuki, Koh Seki, Koji Suzuki, Keita Yanashima

Photo: Tayama Tatsuyuki
Photo Courtesy: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo


Studio Workshops:
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