Solar Trees Marketplace by Koichi Takada Architects, now open in Shanghai

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Solar Trees Marketplace, an architectural forest of 32 trees, was designed by Sydney-based Koichi Takada Architects in Shanghai, China. The project areas are located 20 kilometers Southwest of Shanghai. The Solar Trees Marketplace is designed as part of a 155,000 sqm residential masterplan development, which Koichi Takada Architects also developed.

Phase I, now open, the organic tree-like buildings symbolize a gateway to the master plan; the project prioritizes pedestrians, parks, and nature.

Once Phase II is complete, the impressive structure will transform into a bustling marketplace where residents can enjoy a variety of amenities. The community hub will be powered by a translucent canopy of photovoltaic cells and its main goal is to support local businesses while providing a space for residents and neighbors to come together and socialize.

Solar Trees Marketplace

In the future, the Solar Tree Marketplace will merge with Camphor trees and convert this area into an urban sanctuary. The design will combine natural elements with a color scheme inspired by nature, embodying the concept of biophilic architecture and fostering a deep connection between people and nature. Any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors have been corrected.

Koichi Takada says, “We were shocked to learn that this site was covered in trees as recently as 1984. Our design seeks to start conversations around what can be achieved through design and create a living, breathing environment that inspires, nurtures, and adapts to the needs of both residents and the community. “ and added, “It was important for this building to embody the principles of biophilic design and showcase what progressive sustainable innovation can look like. I believe Nature holds the answers – and Architecture can start the conversation.”

Solar Trees Marketplace

Project Info

Project: Solar Trees Marketplace
Function: Retail & Commercial
Architecture: Koichi Takada Architects
Interior Design: Koichi Takada Architects
Clients: Tian An China
Builder: Shanghai Strait Land Real Estate Co. Ltd
Location: Shanghai, China
Status: Complete
Site area: 3,770m2
Photography: Eiichi Kano, ZY architectural Photography, Aaron

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