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In PATALKS #56, we had a discussion with Fabio Novembre, an Italian designer and the founder of Novembre Studio. Novembre is well-known for his unique and innovative design styles, as well as for some of his amazing projects, including the “Him & Her” chairs, the Motorsport Network Tower, the “Who’s Who” shop in Milan, the Lavazza Calendar, the Padel Pavilion, the Desert Rose, and many more.

Fabio Novembre’s designs often deeply explore identity, perception, and the human experience. His approach to design challenges conventional boundaries and encourages viewers to engage with spaces and objects.

One of his most famous designs is the iconic “Him & Her” chairs, which have sculpted forms resembling naked models of seduction, available in black, red, and white polyethylene. Novembre said, “Him & Her are born directly from the ideas behind the Panton Chair. An evolution of the hermaphroditic original declined into the harmony of the two sexes. They assume sculpted forms like naked models of seduction but they are not ashamed.” about these chairs.

Hosted by Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder and creative director of PA, the PA Talks interview series brings together the brightest minds in architecture and design. These captivating conversations explore the lives, careers, and visions for the future of these individuals.

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