Crossing the Boundaries of Design at the Computational Design: NEXT 8.0

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Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0_ IcaKostika

Computational Design: NEXT is a futuristic event, envisioning the potentials and opportunities of computational thinking to assist in a mindset shift towards finding better solutions by taking a step back and analyzing all of our tools and technologies first.

Computational Design: NEXT 8.0, the two-day online conference with pioneering architects and designers from diverse disciplines, was held on March 5-6, 2022. Thanks to the various speakers and lecturers who presented their forward-thinking approaches for crossing the boundaries of design, the conference addressed the most pressing topics in parametric and computational design. Through the collaboration of ParametricArchitecture (PA) and DesignMorphine, the CD Next 8.0 opened the door for students and young architects to advance their understanding of these increasingly related issues. You can register and watch the recordings of the entire Computational Design: NEXT 8.0 conference by clicking here.


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Day 1

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – Filippo Nassetti

The conference started with Filippo Nassetti, who explained Post-natural design thoroughly. Filippo dived deep into various computational experiments while defending the blurry distinction between the natural and artificial. Through a varied range of projects, he clarified how things are designed by nature. He touched on various subjects, including the shortest walk algorithm, the distinction between digital and physical, customized prosthesis devices as body extensions, and the cyborg manifesto sensibilities to become the design engine.

© CD NEXT 8.0 – Nic Bao

Nic Bao, the founder of FormX, carried on a webinar by delivering a Grasshopper 3D workflow. He provided several uses of the Ameba, a bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization plugin, in both design and research. The plugin is based on a performance-based algorithm for crossing the boundaries of innovation and getting inspiration from nature and laws, and designing accordingly.

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – Stephen Melville

Then, Stephen Melville, the founding director of Format Engineers, addressed the audience with a mesmerizing presentation about the specific aspects of Guerrilla tactics while explaining the power of collaboration, knowledge of resources, and digital tools in defeating project problems. He dealt with the issues of integrating computational design not only as a philosophy but also as a tool for increasing productivity and increasing the number of possibilities available for exploration.

© CD NEXT 8.0 – August Lehrecke

August Lehrecke, the co-founder of Pneuhus, demonstrated the company’s engaging craft projects around inflatables. He went through a very concise and detailed history of inflatables, followed by the company’s experiential, playful experiences with pneumatics. He highlighted the concept of double membranes and their benefits over single membranes. August also discussed the subjects of knitting pneumatics, creating vacuum spaces, and high-pressure structures.

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – Mihai Dragos Potra

Mihai Dragos Potra, designer and digital artist at Zaha Hadid Architects, presented a Cinema 4D workflow. He demonstrated his design and research experiments on various scales, including modeling and animation. Early simulations of Frei Otto, manually computed minimal surfaces, and the concept of performance-based forms drove his core inspirations.

© CD NEXT 8.0 – Alvin Huang

The founder of Synthesis Design + Architecture, Alvin Huang, focused on creating contingency and culture through technology and computational tools. The main focus of his talk hovered around discussing the concept of “technology is the answer, but what is the question.” He highlighted the core mission of architects in provoking questions and problems to form the objective of their designs. Additionally, Alvin remarked computation as more of a way of thinking than a means of doing. When paired with technique, the computation can be used to its full potential.

Day 2

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – MASK Architects

Öznur Pınar Çer and Danilo Petta from MASK Architects shared their design mission and strategies at the beginning of day 2. They mainly focused on the magnetic field curve and the intersection of math and science for crossing the boundaries of their design. Their whole design project starts with a sketch which further goes through a computational design process.

© CD NEXT 8.0 – Eva Blsakova + Jan Pernecky

Eva Blsakova and Jan Pernecky ran a session together, demonstrating their insight into algorithmic thinking as the core of their design concept. They showcased their insights into computational design and the technological improvements shaping our society. Additionally, an updated overview of the Monoceros was provided as the plugin for discrete growth.

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – Kostika Spaho

Kostika Spaho, the co-founder of IcaKostika, illustrated his path from architecture to the fashion industry, starting with his experimentations with bodysuits and moving towards 3D printed shoes. After his architectural thesis on biomimicry, he got an offer from a fashion company that transformed his life. His design concepts were well received, so he moved to New York and worked with various designers.

© CD NEXT 8.0 – Biayna Bogosian

Biayna Bogosian, an Assistant Professor at Florida International University, addressed the audience with the notion of context-aware architectures. She mainly highlighted the role of data-driven immersive media in understanding environmental issues. Her design and research focused on the user’s participation, data, sensing and actuating, and adapting other fields such as computer science in architecture. Biayna relies on architecture without architects, rethinking the notion by turning to cinematic arts.

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – Bryan Garcia Agudelo

Bryan Garcia Agudelo, the Computational designer at GEA Architects, offered a Grasshopper 3D workflow focusing on the concept of mimesis. He demonstrated his design approaches and experimentations for crossing the boundaries of design while creating organic geometric forms. Bryan drew inspiration from various sources, including old photos, symmetrical shapes, trees, and organic forms.

© CD NEXT 8.0 – Behnaz Farahi

Thanks to Behnaz Farahi, the designer and creative technologist, an engaging closing speech was provided. She went through a body of her work, from emotive interactive installations in architecture to new material developments in fashion. Nature fascinates her not just in terms of forms but also in terms of how it interacts with the external environment. Therefore, she explores the production of her projects with alive, shape-changing, and color-changing materials that respond to users; so that materials become machines and machines become materials.

Crossing the Boundaries
© CD NEXT 8.0 – Hamid Hassanzadeh and Michael pryor

Finally, an endnote was given by Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder of PA. Along with Michael Pryor, Design Director of DesignMorphine, Hamid expressed gratitude to the attendees for their participation. They also revealed the upcoming COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN: NEXT 9.0’s dates.

Computational Design: NEXT 8.0, which included a remarkable lineup of speakers and pioneers worldwide, served as a guideline for participants for crossing the boundaries of design. The conference’s core theme was to open up possibilities of a collaboration that we can meet, talk to, and interact with innovators from all over the world while experiencing the intriguing journey of computational design. You can register and watch the recordings of the entire Computational Design: NEXT 8.0 conference by clicking here.

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