Salon Alper Derinbogaz creates futuristic store design for Reflect Studio

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 Reflect Studio

Studio Salon Alper Derinbogaz designed the Reflect Studio stores in Istanbul to showcase our evolving relationship with nature. The stores feature AI-generated furniture made from innovative materials and experimental upcycling methods, creating a new living habitat.

The creation process and materials were carefully chosen to embrace change and recognize the fluidity of space design. The physical space of the Reflect Studio stores includes futuristic elements such as recycled metal terrazzo flooring, a frozen textile stool, a water ripple changing unit, sigma profile hangers, a green airplane-wing bench, and AI-generated furniture. The project aims to create experimental composites using production techniques that recycle surplus materials from textile and architectural practices.

To promote sustainability, the project used production waste in innovative ways. Waste aluminum parts were used to create the recycled metal terrazzo flooring aggregate, making it durable and maintenance-free. Leftover fabrics from the textile production phases were transformed into a Frozen Textile Stool by fixing them with resin. Plastic packaging bags that accumulated during the production process were recycled and turned into epoxy resin shelves.

“Rather than designing the finished objects, we adopted a generative process that mimics nature’s evolutionary approach.” Alper Derinbogaz operates an iterative process to generate furniture forms designed by AI.

The Changing Pod offers an innovative and futuristic experience, presented in the form of a stand-alone changing room. The pod is built using fiberglass, a material that is both durable and lightweight.

Project Info

Project Name: New Nature
Practice Name: Salon Alper Derinbogaz
Year: September 2022
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Architect: Alper Derinboğaz
Project Team: Nida Dilara Karışık, Mert Ozan Er, Tuğba Arslantürk, Aleyna Türker, Büge Yaman
Client: Reflect Studio
Creative Direction: Furkan Temir
Photography: Studio Majo
Contractor: Mina Mimarlık, Levent Acar
Electromechanical Engineering: Planet Teknik

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