Gamer made Saudi Arabia’s The Line in Minecraft with 85,000 blocks

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Cavari, a gamer and YouTuber, has created a Minecraft rendition of Saudi Arabia’s project, The Line. The project had the attention of various communities, here is the video.

The Line project has also captured the imagination of many gamers, including Cavari, who has crafted it in Minecraft using around 85,000 blocks. The level of detail and precision in Cavari’s creation is inspiring and has left an impression on anyone who has laid their eyes on it.

The Line is still one of the most discussed mega projects. Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Board of Directors Mohammed bin Salman’s vision, NEOM, was first announced to the world in 2017. The development of NEOM is currently under construction.


The project is a new type of urban development that covers a 170 km area features multiple, interconnected communities, and is expected to become home to more than one million people from around the world. NEOM stated, “No roads, cars or emissions, it will run on 100% renewable energy and 95% of the land will be preserved for nature. Unlike traditional cities, people’s health and well-being will be prioritized over transportation and infrastructure.”

Last year, NEOM announced many other construction projects besides its most popular project, The Line. In 2023, NEOM announced Norlana, Utamo, Siranna, Epicon, and Leyja. Saudi Arabia is expected to announce more projects this year.

Minecraft is a popular game that allows players to express their creativity in various ways. For example, in 2022, Burberry launched a digital clothing collection in the Minecraft universe. Another gamer has designed entire (known) planets, black holes, and galaxies within Minecraft. He even used a globe to measure the precise location of every continent to create an authentic replication of the planet.

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