Drag And Drop Studio reimagines everyday objects’ aesthetics and functionality

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In 2019, Drag And Drop emerged as a design and manufacturing studio with a bold mission: to reimagine everyday objects’ aesthetics and functionality by leveraging state-of-the-art design tools and 3D printing. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the rich heritage of crafts, the studio creates expressive, sustainable, and high-quality designs, carefully considering the entire ecosystem of their business, from manufacturing to packaging to delivery.

With a commitment to environmental consciousness, Drag And Drop employs two 3D printing materials: clay and sustainable polymers. Here is their website!

Ceramic Vases Collection

The Ceramic Vases Collection exemplifies Drag And Drop’s philosophy of combining organic aesthetics with traditional techniques. The 3D-printed vases draw inspiration from nature’s captivating elements, such as water ripples, natural growth patterns, and the rich heritage of crafts.

The hallmark of the collection is the Intertwined Vase, a tribute to the mesmerizing fluidity of growth patterns found in plant roots and tree trunks.

Intertwined Vase earned recognition by winning the Green Product Award in 2022 for its efforts to create ceramic objects with low environmental impact. 3D Printing as a manufacturing technology allows for minimal material waste. Furthermore, 99% of the clay from failed prints (yes, they do happen) is reconditioned through advanced machinery and reused. Additionally, the use of minimal glazing and reliance on solar energy during the manufacturing process further underscores its environmentally-conscious nature. The result is an object that beautifully showcases the intricate intertwinings of the natural world.

Sustainable Lighting Collection

Drag And Drop

Utilizing recycled or biodegradable polymers, the Lighting Collection boasts captivating aesthetics with intricate patterns designed to interact with light in novel and surprising ways.

The Armadillo Lampshade distinguishes itself within the collection as a captivating sculptural piece meticulously designed to elevate the atmospheric qualities of the space it inhabits. Throughout the day, the lampshade’s intricate shell gracefully embraces natural light, giving rise to enchanting gradients of shadow that add depth and allure to its form. When night descends, the Armadillo springs to life, emanating a warm, welcoming glow that transforms its surroundings.

It’s signature light pockets adorning its shell set the Armadillo Lampshade apart. These distinctive features serve a dual purpose, ensuring an even distribution of light throughout the room and working their magic by projecting a portion of the light back onto the lampshade’s body, resulting in a uniquely appealing visual experience.

Drag And Drop

“Beyond its functional role of illuminating the space, the Armadillo utilizes light as a medium to breathe life into the very essence of the object itself, transforming it into something that resembles a living organism infused with a glowing radiance.”

Madalin Gheorghe, Designer at Drag And Drop

Throughout its practice, Drag And Drop consistently embraces nature in its design and manufacturing processes. The studio’s commitment to environmentally friendly products is present in every step of their creative journey, from drawing inspiration from natural forms to employing sustainable practices in the manufacturing, packaging, and transporting of the objects. The resulting designs boast textures and intricacy that exemplify the possibilities offered by new technologies and advanced digital tools like parametric design, creating shapes with characters that stand out.

Madalin Gheorghe and Dragos Sabareanu co-founded the studio, ‘Drag And Drop.’ Madalin Gheorghe, an expert in advanced computational workflows involving coding, high-resolution simulations, and robotic fabrication, will deliver a 45-minute lecture and a 15-minute Q&A session during his speaking engagement at the upcoming Computational Design: NEXT 14 online conference.

*The text was provided by Madalin Gheorghe of Drag And Drop and reviewed by PA Editorial Team.

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