Pavilion E4 features a modern classroom design that can be replicated outdoors

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Pavilion E4

The Pavilion E4, which stands for Efficient Outdoor Educational Space, is a research project developed by Juan Gavilanes Veláz de Medrano and Ferrán Ventura Blanch at the University of Malaga. Its purpose is to create a modern and innovative classroom that can be replicated and used outdoors. The Pavilion E4 combines an outdoor area and a state-of-the-art classroom. Its architectural form and geometry, including parametric design, have been optimized to support air conditioning systems. This makes it an ideal classroom integrated into the Campus Green Island of Teatinos at the University of Malaga.

Pavilion E4

This new space can understand its environment and work collaboratively with it. It can also provide comfortable conditions for the space by defining the necessary air conditioning systems for the E4. Moreover, it utilizes Artificial Intelligence technologies to improve its architectural applications and monitor the space for climate and usage control. The Pavilion E4 is not only a research project but also aims to serve as the foundation for future research.

Project Info

Architects: Juan Gavilanes Veláz de Medrano, Ferrán Ventura Blanch
Collaborators: Daniel García-Parra Pomares, Elena Enciso Martínez, Raúl Ruiz Alaminos, Vishal Shahdadpuri Aswani
Investor: Vicerrectorado de Smart Campus – Universidad de Málaga
Building Company: Lasor S.L.
Photography: Fernando Alda
Lime mortar: Cumen Morteros
Solar panels: Onix solar
Patent structure: Elesdopa
Ceramic materials: La paloma

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