Building L329 characterized by a simple and uniform language of form

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Building L329

Rossetti+Wyss Architects have introduced Apartment Building L329 in Zurich, Switzerland. The building is located in a neighborhood with a mixed development structure and individual free-standing buildings of varying sizes, along with green open spaces.

This new building replaces an apartment building from the 1930s, and it seamlessly blends into the surrounding context in terms of its size and volume, while taking into account the existing conditions. It consists of seven apartments, a small commercial space on the ground floor, and a parking garage at the back of the lot.

The decision to use a pitched roof for the new building was made with the idea of respecting the context. The building’s topographical embedding was carefully considered to ensure that it blends in naturally with its surroundings. The design uses point construction to create high-quality and flowing green spaces that are in line with the local conditions. The architectural style of the new building is characterized by a simple and uniform language of form.

The facades of Building L329 are designed to have a clear and calm appearance. All six sides of the building are treated the same way, with different openings depending on their exposure. The regularly spaced vertical pilaster strips on the facades are interrupted by small variations in rhythm and format sizes, creating refined differences.

The inclined wooden panels between the vertical wooden pilaster strips create different shadow effects and light reflections, giving the building a lively appearance. The proportion of windows varies across the facades. The loggias are oriented towards the south and harmoniously blend into the structure’s geometry. The design team has avoided cantilevered components such as balconies and oriel windows.

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