‘Artificial Intelligence’ is the design and architectural buzzword of 2023!

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With your votes, we are excited to announce that ParametricArchitecture chose Artificial Intelligence as the Design and Architectural Buzzword of 2023!

This year, we have been discussing artificial intelligence more than ever before. We have started using AI-generated tools and have learned to integrate them into our design and thinking process. New language models have entered our lives, such as ChatGPT and BingAI. Big design companies like Adobe have decided to integrate AI models into their tools, like Photoshop AI integration, Firefly, and more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that combines computer science and robust datasets to solve problems. It encompasses sub-fields of machine learning and deep learning, which are frequently mentioned in conjunction with AI. These disciplines are comprised of AI algorithms that aim to create expert systems for making predictions or classifications based on input data. IBM defines AI as a means of enabling problem-solving through the use of computer technology and advanced data analysis.

Here are a few articles where you can learn more about artificial intelligence:

Alien Intelligence (AI): Is it time to panic?

Artificial Intelligence
Neil Leach

In Neil Leach’s exploration of artificial intelligence (AI), he confronts the dual nature of this rapidly advancing technology. Contemplating AI’s role, Leach questions whether it is an indispensable tool, as advocated by Patrik Schumacher, or a looming menace, a perspective echoed by some, including former Google CFO Mo Gawdat. Leach grapples with the paradox that AI, devoid of inherent malice, stands as a neutral instrument, yet its potency poses a potential threat when wielded irresponsibly. Reflecting on the unforeseen capabilities of AI, exemplified by entities like ChatGPT and MidJourney, Leach highlights the surprising depth of their understanding and creative output.

On the use of AI and other digital tools in participatory urban planning

Artificial Intelligence

Participatory urban design aims to bring the public, planned object, and the planners into a transparent and democratic process. Digital methods of public participation in planning can lead to critical thinking about the local area and what citizens would like to see in the future. Artificial intelligence can add factual information to conversations, assist as a fact-checker, and provide arguments in forums meant for urban discussions. ChatGPT can also be useful in filtering out emotional feedback from citizens.

Tim Fu wants “to explore the radical alternative and push the machine’s creative autonomy”

Artificial Intelligence
Tim Fu

Tim Fu, a renowned architectural designer, has founded an AI-oriented architecture practice, Studio Tim Fu Ltd, after leaving Zaha Hadid Architects. “Due to the emergence of generative AI, I felt compelled to rethink how architecture is practiced. The typical design firm is top-down and human-driven, but I want to explore the radical alternative; I want to push the machine’s creative autonomy. With my own firm, I will be able to restructure the design and building process in ways never seen before.” said Fu.

What does ChatGPT know about architecture?

Artificial Intelligence
Joshua Vermillion

Architects often struggle with writing text, but project descriptions, communication with clients, and doing PR are important parts of the job. ChatGPT is a machine that can help with these tasks. However, we need to explore if ChatGPT has knowledge of architecture and design and if it favors a particular style. We will ask ChatGPT some basic architectural questions and reflect critically on the answers.

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